Friday, June 3, 2011

So I'm a college graduate now. Whoooooo! On to more school! In the fall I start at Roosevelt University in Chicago for my graduate degree in vocal performance. I can't wait to move up there!! But for now I'm still stuck here in the South. I'm staying with Brian's family in Mobile, Al until we find an apartment in Chi-town and find a way to get ourselves and all our stuff there. Hopefully we will both find jobs before we actually move...

A few days after graduation I managed to faint and smash my face on a chair, giving me two lacerations, one on my eyelid and the other on my cheek. Which gave me lots of time to sit around and crochet. I've gotten quite a few projects done in the last few weeks.

 Cozy for my Kleen Kanteen
 Washcloth for Mo
 Amigurumi Bobtail Squid
 Corbin the Corgi for Vii


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