Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring break

Three weeks until graduation! I sort if can't believe I made it. The bf and I are moving to Chicago at the end of summer because I got into Roosevelt university for grad school. I can't wait to actually be able to use all the cold weather stuff that I've made (and get a head start on some cozy patterns!) I'm going to miss nola, but I always hoped I would end up in Chi-town.
To get ready for the move I've decided to use up all the yarn that has taken over my room. I have a blanket going along with all sorts of amigurumi friends. I'm still planning on starting my etsy store by June. I just need to get some pictures going and write/edit the patterns I'm hoping to sell. It is spring break now, so I might finally be able to get that done.
I wanted to mention my new handmade/craft/art love: wheel thrown ceramics. More on that later!

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