Thursday, June 24, 2010

New name

I wasn't really feeling the name I had before for my blog. "I will not crochet in class" came from high school when my friends and I were always knitting/crocheting/crafting in class and we used to get in trouble with certain teachers from time to time. At Loyola none of my teachers really mind it as long as I'm not distracting anyone and I find that crocheting in class time is a great way to get projects done very quickly. That said, the new name is my nickname from school, which no one at college really calls me, but I miss it dearly. My teachers even called me Crash, and we used to trick freshman into thinking it was my real name. So here it is! New look, new name! and I like it a lot more.

I've been working on a trumpet bag for Brian, yeah a crocheted trumpet case. I've never seen one before, and it's what he wanted for his birthday, which was almost a month ago, but it is going well.

Things got very hectic around the end of school through June, which was why I dropped off the earth, soon I'll post pics of my recent projects and from my trip to Hawaii with my family!

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