Monday, April 5, 2010

New look!

Wow thanks to Blogger's new set up with the templates I've managed to make this thing look pretty sweet! I like the color combination a lot.
Today is the last day of Spring Break, and I'm sitting here at the desk, kind of sad that I did not get into any shenanigans over the break... That aside, I slept so much I think I made up for all the sleep I didn't get during the semester. I'm so sad to go back to school though! That week of glorious freedom from responsibility is over. Now to get ready for my junior recital and finals. I wish I could just skip all this and have summer break already!
I've found an apartment that I think will be perfect as long as I can get a washer dryer in there. I'm just waiting to talk to my other roommates, I want to sign the lease and get this place!

Here's my latest creation, I think it'll be the first thing I put in my Etsy shop once I get some better pictures of it. Mostly not a picture of my guy friends b.s.-ing around, flippin' the bird. It's a heart barrette! yay!

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